Taos, NM


I finally made it to Taos. I say "finally" because I've heard about/read about Taos for years, but it was elusive because it is just off my beaten path between Chicago and Las Vegas (and now Scottsdale). 

If you all are still not tired of hearing about Georgia O'Keeffe and my search for the muse which inspired her- she spent some time in Taos. The plaza is a colorful collection of shops, adobe, hotels and restaurants puzzled together much like the plaza in Santa Fe, but with narrower streets and less commercialized.

I spent the afternoon walking through the streets and galleries and studios looking. Looking at everything. There's so much to look at in Taos. After four hours, I walked my saturated self back to my car parked at 133 Kit Carson Road- and was transfixed by what I saw through the gallery windows. A number of paintings hung in one room; a progression of intuitive landscapes and emotive deconstructed modern art works. It was immediately apparent the paintings were the work of one artist, with a dedication to the majesty of light and nature.

Seeing these paintings would already have been the highlight of my day in Taos, but Kathryn Vinson Tatum was present and I had the delight to hear her impressions of the concepts of space, process, humility and reverence in the face of nature and the might of an artist in creating rather than only re-creating.

As a fine art wedding photographer, I want my work to look as effortless and evocative as the best paintings, which often look like they blossomed into being on the canvas. I've believe the photographic ideal avoids a style process obvious to the audience (i.e. filters, overprocessing, gimmicks) and is instead captured without guile in the purity of natural light and color. This is what drew me to Tatum's work: her paintings of abstract topography and land and sky are luminous, honor their subjects and reflect a reverent but courageous artist confident in her vision.