Boudoir Collective: Proximity & Apposition

This bridal boudoir session was created to be a showcase of the poetic power of juxtaposition... modern and vintage, feminine and masculine, highlights and shadows. 

The setting was beautifully versatile and full of light due to floor-to-ceiing windows, but also entirely angular and professional in its decor and structure. We selected ultra-feminine, vintage lingerie to offset this modern and provide an intriguing visual dialogue between the setting and the subject. There's nothing more masculine than a luxury business hotel in a city skyscraper, and there's nothing more feminine than lace and heels.

Our model, too, is a beautiful study in juxtaposition- her features are well-defined, with a strong jawline and oblique brows offset by full, sensuous eyelashes and lips. There is a beauty in aesthetically balanced opposition. 

Even in the photography itself, there is conversation between contrast and the softness found in the shadows and the exhilarating brightness of the highlights. There is a dreamy, almost-heavenly quality to the light in the portraits grounded by the texture that only 35mm film grain can provide.

I hope viewers feel the wonder of coexisting power and vulnerability of a woman's presence and confidence in the mindful ownership of her body. As women, we are the original beautiful juxtaposition.