Lifestyle Edit: Wheaton, IL

I've known Kara for the past year and a handful of months. She's a graphic designer with a sharp eye for style in any medium, and someone I've come to trust when seeking input about art, design and personal philosophies of visual communication. Whether it's wedding photography or mixed media design, Kara is a spirit level.

Last month I had an engagement session reschedule because of impending rain, but had rolls of Portra from the previous night's session that had to be shipped that afternoon to photovision for processing. This series of events left me with half of roll of Portra 400 unexposed. 18 frames of film is far too valuable to not use. Enter Kara.

Turns out these are some of my personal favorites of the fine art film portraits I've created this summer, even if they were shot within two minutes outside a Starbucks.

English Gothic Univ. of Chicago Wedding

The 2016 wedding season is officially off with a champagne pop! This weekend we celebrated Victoria and Michael's wedding, with a ceremony in Bond Chapel on the stately grounds of University of Chicago and reception following at the Thompson Hotel Chicago.  

This is a preview of the day... a sneak peek of wedding highlights that you won't want to miss! Bouquets & centerpieces were created by Exquisite Designs.

The bride, known for her affinity for fancy footwear, wore a custom Oscar de la Renta gown with strappy Jimmy Choo sandals. The groom and his men made a dapper appearance in spring bowties.  

A real show-stealer, Hercules, the couples' much-loved rescue pup was present for their balcony first look.

Toast & Jam DJ Leslie impressed at the reception with a blend of spice and jazz featuring Bebel Gilberto to Etta James and Nina Simone.