Lifestyle Edit: Brooklyn, New York

I spent 30 hours in New York City, and the course of an afternoon, evening and morning with Jenny. She's a writer, friend, daughter, photographer, girlfriend and supporter of women everywhere. As a Grand Rapids native living in Brooklyn, she explores identity, culture, fashion, design, art and what it means to be a new woman at liberty in the capital of the world. 

Jenny invited me to visit after we connected on Instagram after brushing social circles while we were both undergrads at Wheaton College. (We were both misfits in a way our senior year.) I had admired the way she presented her life through photographs and captions with unabashed verve and loveliness. From her flawless nails to her self-activating philosophy, Jenny's IG profile (@jenhansma) drew me in- and I knew I wasn't the only one who was attracted to such a modern balance of prolific experience and minimal lifestyle.

A lifestyle photography session contextualizes portraits. In this case, this loft is a carefully considered, curated collection of living areas that idealize natural light, open space and cozy corners. An economy of square footage demands that every thing be an artifact beauty serving either joy or a practical purpose. In this case (as most others), Jenny's home reflects her mind & soul.

* This is an off-season personal photo project, and some images are experimental and therefore different from my usual wedding photography style. These images were shot on 35mm Kodak Portra 400 and Portra 800 film and processed by Indie Film Lab