Modern Fine Art Studio Loft Boudoir

I love meeting other people who believe photography is/can be/should be a fine art. Who doesn't enjoy connecting with like-minded people? It's one of life's joys to find another person who loves what you love. It's a connection that promotes mutual growth, understanding of self and others and the world around us. It's empowering, it's a joy, it's a challenge- because once that spark of collaborative creativity ignites, we have the responsibility (or I believe we do) to fan those little sparks into flames that bring light and beauty to the world around us. 

(I do see the symbolic irony of this thought pattern while introducing a boudoir session.)

Anyways, it was a true delight to work with this client to create meaningful, lovely photographs to not only celebrate her body for herself but also as a future gift for her spouse. These photographs are a reflection of a great deal of communication, trust, collaboration and mutual love of being women. 

I'm full of gratitude to this woman for loving her gorgeous figure and allowing me to share these beautiful, beautiful photographs. As I'm sure many fine art photographers can attest, some of our most lovely, emotive, elevated, inspired work stems from boudoir sessions- never to be shown. Thank you, thank you!

To create the perfect looks for these fine art boudoir photographs, makeup artist Carly Pribich of @carlydoesmakeup was present with us for the first hour of the boudoir session. Lingerie was provided from the client's own personal collection (#goals) and the entirety of the shoot took place at Loft505, one of my favorites in the Chicago area. I shot the entire boudoir session on a Canon EOS 1-V on Kodak Portra 400 35mm film exclusively (no digital) and sent the rolls for processing to my one and only, tried and true, ride or die PhotoVision film lab in Salem, Oregon. (Believe me, I tried half a dozen labs before finding this gem.

Lifestyle Edit: Logan Square, Chicago

Makeup: Carly Pribich Palmer

Styling & Wardrobe: Free People & Zara

Loft: Alisha Siegel

Film Processing: Indie Film Lab

Lifestyle Edit: Pilsen, Chicago


Makeup & Hair Styling: Bianca Sansosti Artistry

Model: Gabrielle Rose DeMeritt

Location: Loft505 Chicago

Wardrobe & Accessories: anthropologie

Kodak Portra 160 & 400 Film Processing: Indie Film Lab

Canon EOS-1V SLR + 35mm 1.4 + 50mm 1.2 + 85mm 1.2