Rainy, Romantic Hyde Park Engagement


In October in the Great Lakes area, especially Chicago, weather can be unpredictable- with gorgeous sunshine and warm, dry weather followed immediately by a gusty rain-shower (sun-shower?).

I followed the lead of these two adventurers, whose good faith lucked out with an engagement session that began as a walk in the sunshine that turned into a rather romantic stroll in the rain. Both lovers of Chicago history, culture and architecture, this future bride and groom explored the University of Chicago's Gothic Revival buildings in Hyde Park as the sun set. 

While I love an engagement session that flows naturally toward the sunset (golden hour, as we photographers call it), the portraits in the second half of this session in the rain might be my favorite. I've found time and time again that couples who embrace unanticipated weather and roll with what light we're given on the day come away with truly stunning, genuine photos that capture their spirit. Matt & Meghan, I'm grateful for your leap of faith into dancing in the rain! 


Bohemian Vintage Brewery Wedding

A few years back, a Portland man had relocated to Chicago for work and lived around the corner from Renaldi's, an Italian restaurant. This restaurant not only boasted fabulous pizza and beer but also a particularly adorable bartender named Jessica. The two finally met the night of his 26th birthday, when they were both out on the town with their friends in Wrigleyville. Barton recognized Jessica and Jessica recognized Barton, and they connected the dots with Renaldi's- but it wasn't for several more flirtatious visits for pizza and beer that Barton finally asked for Jessica's number and she agreed to go out with him.

After three years together in Chicago, the couple moved to Portland, where Barton proposed at beautiful Multnomah Falls. Shortly after, Jessica began planning their wedding and gave me a call! Now kids, usually an initial phone call with a bride lasts about twenty minutes, tops. After two hours of laughter and conversation about everything from the wedding to college experiences to local Glen Ellyn life, I was definitely hooked. Jessica was planning a BHLDN-inspired dreamy vintage wedding to be hosted at the Two Brothers Roundhouse in Aurora. This promised to be a day to remember- and it was! 

I hope that you enjoy this sneak peek of photographs from Barton and Jessica's wedding day celebration. From the bride's velvet Stuart Weitzman shoes to a stunning set of yellow gold wedding rings, the details are whimsical and vintage but still oh-so modern. 

Love, Grace xo