Classic Oak Park Country Club Wedding

Brianna & Jack planned the wedding of every wedding photographer's dreams- even down to choosing the church with the longest center aisle in the Archdiocese of Chicago. Now while this is a true fact, it's not the length of the church aisle that sets the tone for a couple's wedding photography. These two chose to celebrate their wedding mass at St. Giles Catholic Church in Oak Park to honor Brianna's parents who were married there themselves. To follow, the wedding party took a trolley to the Oak Park Country Club for photographs before heading to The Empress in Addison for their reception.

I believe with my whole heart that beautiful photography is meaningful photography- that photographs of venue, decor, jewelry are not valuable unless imbued with memory and emotion. Wedding photographs should tell the greater story of a couple, not only the story of their wedding day. The amount of thought and time Brianna and Jack invested in their wedding vision for their friends and family to celebrate and enjoy one another is an apparent testament to the love in their families. It was a joy and honor to witness their wedding and photograph such a landmark in their lives.

A photographer is only as good as the team that creates the details of a wedding day. I'm grateful to my assistant photographer for the day, Jenna Hazel, the With Love Productions video duo, Deptula Florist, Standing Room Only, Premier Trolley & Limo, and the Suite 115 Salon. It was difficult to keep this wedding preview under fifty photos, but please enjoy these gems from Brianna and Jack's beautiful, balmy wedding day.



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