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I'm Grace. I'm an explorer and a homebody; a photographer and a reader; a lover of quiet indie ballads and a Bear-down football fan. 

I was raised in Nevada, spending my childhood hiking with my family through the American southwest. It was an extraordinary visual experience, from the filtered light of sugar pine groves in the Sierras to the pastel sunsets of the Sonoran Desert. Spending entire days outdoors, from sunrise to nightfall, gifted me with the opportunity to observe, appreciate and eventually fall deeply in love with the incredible ways light plays across faces and landscapes.

I moved to Illinois to study visual communication at a liberal arts college, where I first explored the process of creating photography as a fine art. My professional experience began in 2010 and became a life-work in 2012 when I committed to True Grace Photography full-time. 

My work is my dream come true! As a whole-hearted wedding photographer, I believe that quality service is so much more than just the technical creation of photographs- it's an experience that starts with our first meeting, continues through your planning process, on the day itself and shared excitement when I deliver your wedding gallery. I want your photographs to have meaning, natural beauty and be truly you.

My approach to wedding photography and portraiture is a blend of documentary and fine art styles. I seek organic, candid moments of people interacting within the atmosphere of the day. However, I'm no wallflower when it comes to directing the perfect bridal portrait and organizing families and wedding parties. 

I look forward to meeting you!