Melissa & Alex, DuPage County Courthouse & Usher Park Elopement

When I first spoke with Melissa on the phone as she was planning her elopement with hubby-to-be Alex, I couldn't have been more touched by the warmth in her voice and genuine care for others. As a full-time student with a full-time job, Melissa is a list-maker and a planner with a heart of gold. She's studying social work and wants to use her gifts to better people's daily lives. We got along really well, so I was excited to meet her and also meet the lucky guy who had captured her heart. 

I arrived at the DuPage County Courthouse on Friday morning well before I was scheduled to meet up with Alex to set up their first look.  To my surprise, Alex was already there (and had been there for a half hour!) just to be completely ready. He was dressed to the nines in a Vera Wang tux, had his boutonniere already pinned and his pocket square perfectly folded. There was no pacing. There was no anxious phone-fiddling. The man was CALM. He told me that in his book, ten minutes early was on-time and on-time was already late. I could tell already why Melissa, the ultra-planner with butterflies, loved this guy.

It was my privilege to photograph their I Do's and intimate wedding ceremony and join them at Usher Park, a center-of-town gathering place in Itasca where a gazebo stands and swans float around a picturesque pond. They'll celebrate with family & friends later, but their day was just for the two of them.

Congratulations to these two lovebirds. May good humor, close friendship and the strength of love be yours forever!