Jess & Johnny: Corron Farm & Blumen Gardens Wedding Photography

When they met, Johnny told Jess that he wouldn't ever get married before he was 30. So after they fell in love and he proposed, it was quite a funny twist of fate and humor that the best available date for their wedding would be October 7, 2016: Johnny's 30th birthday. The weather was gorgeous, the wedding party (12 on each side!) was a riot and the bride's vision for a country chic celebration was realized with style. 

Jess & Johnny opted for a first look on the grounds at Corron Farm Preservation Society in St. Charles, with family and bridal party photographs to follow. I had photographed their engagement session last fall and had a terrific time with the couple romping around the LeRoy Oakes Forest Preserve and out on the Fox River in Johnny's boat. Jess adores Johnny and supports him with obvious warmth and affection; and if you notice in their photographs, Johnny has this one special smile he only has for Jess.  I couldn't have been more excited to photograph their wedding at Blumen Gardens in Sycamore.

Note: Several gorgeous portraits were shot on film, and even though those rolls of dreamy Kodak Portra 400 were dropped in the mail to Indie Film Lab on Saturday morning, those scans are in process and won't be delivered until early next week. When received, we'll update this preview, but we didn't want to have to withhold these gems until then.